Shadowrun@QUT - Finished

First Nations - Session 1 (GMs log)

I need you to watch a coupla guys for a while!

Scene 1 – The Hire

Tuesday 10th of March, 2071: It’s early afternoon, on a cold and wet Wednesday at the tail end of winter in Seattle. Our team, Dibs, Scian, and Hyde, have yet to meet. Each is an upcoming runner, skilled and capable, but new to the scene, without a solid reputation behind them. At the moment, all they have in common is a desire to make a name for themselves and a Fixer, Trace-E, who has taken them onboard.

The runners find a voice message waiting for them, letting them know that she has found a line of work. They’re to meet Ms Johnson at Tickler’s, a shady strip bar in Downtown Seattle at 8pm

The runners decide to head to the club and check it out. The bartender points them to the backrooms when they mention the name Johnson. Their room turns out to be a dressing room, and their Johnson a stripper, in the middle of getting dressed for the next show. Despite her appearance, she quickly gets down to business. She needs two men tracked, both lieutenants for the First Nations. A price of 5000¥ is negotiated per runner, and when this is agreed to, Ms Johnson provides images and various other details of the two targets, Alec Littletree and Xa Firebird.

First, they are to keep tabs on Alec, and then move on to Xa, before reporting back to Ms Johnson in a weeks time with details of their activities, their travels and who they’ve been meeting with.

Scene 2 – The Safehouse

After looking through the details provided by Ms Johnson, the runners track Alec down to a First Nations safe house in The Verge. Alec is using the house to distribute Tempo. The team scopes the building out, before stealing uniforms and infiltrating it dressed as First Nation members. After a few hours, they have hair samples, his commlink Access ID as well as having placed some tracking RFIDs on his person and his car.


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