Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave (ACHE)

Can a building be an entire neighborhood unto itself ? It can if it’s the size of the Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave in Downtown Seattle, a structure nearly a kilometer tall, with more than three hundred floors, home to more than one hundred thousand residents.

Originally built by the Renraku Computer Systems corporation, the arcology was intended to be a self-sufficient living environment for company employees. Disaster struck in 2059 when the newly completed Arcology was sealed off by a rogue artificial intelligence in the Renraku computer system. Eventually liberated by UCAS military forces, the structure was seized by the government. Now the majority of its housing and office areas have been converted into low-income housing for metroplex residents, while the UCAS government maintains control over the building’s more sensitive areas.

The Arcology remains one of the architectural marvels of Seattle (and the world), and its silvery-green silhouette dominates the downtown skyline. The first five levels are a commercial mall open to the public, including a small museum of the Arcology’s history and development.


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