Rubric 'Rube'

Elf chaos mage with a penchance for 'fun'


Alias: Rubric ‘Rube’
Name: Lily Kavaugnah (SINner)
Roles: Mage, drug dealer
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Metatype: Elf
Nationality: Tir Tairngire


Rube comes from Tir Tangire – a lovely, cosy, middle-class family, a private (and well-known) school, lots of friends… at least in her head.

In reality, her mother lost all her inheritance the moment she hooked up with a troll (not that she minded, of course; “love over material possessions” and all that hippy jazz) and her father willingly left a mid-level corp accountancy hold to be with her mother. Rube started out with the same wide-eyed idealism that they both did. It was promptly beaten out of her upon her foray into the world outside her little sphere, leaving her very cynical about social change and society in general. Occasionally (when relaxing) she will dream of improvement… but really only when relaxing. Rube, much to her relief, took after her mother in almost all respects; elf metatype, green eyes, interests in “experimenting” and motivated personality. She also inherited her father’s stubbornness, strong nose and quick temper. She was brought up in a very free-wheeling environment and is accepting of all things except (somewhat hypocritically) discrimination.

Rube’s mother is proud and annoyed with her daughter in equal measure (“Chaos, really? I brought you up to see more than machine code behind the wonders of the universe”). She’s disappointed that Rube moved to UCAS to study magical security and disappointed that she follows the Chaos tradition over something more natural. However, she’s proud that Rube is self-supporting (and does like the care packages Rube sends home).

Rube’s father is indifferent, really. An ex-accountant who quite happily threw a mid-level corp job away for a co-op lifestyle with Rube’s mum, he’d prefer Rube stay away from UCAS and the corp lifestyle but understands that magical security really only gets so many contracts without connections and location. He and Rube don’t always see eye-to-eye (nevermind the height difference) and their shared quick temper means that occasionally they don’t speak, but overall it’s amicable.

Rube became a runner for three very simple reasons: money, spells and the chance for power. Originally she intended to simply work for a megacorp but soon realised that running not only paid more, it paid faster… and still let her keep her beloved vegetable garden, extra income from drug dealing and relaxed lifestyle. Her SIN created a slight drawback but she’s coped with it so far. It’s given her the chance to use her spells more often and to greater effect and she’s fine with that. Plus, corpers are fucking boring. Who wants to manage office drones when she can hold them to ransom or ransack their databases? She grew up in relative poverty and she’s determined not to live her whole life that way… though the greenery she doesn’t mind.

She lived in an organic student co-op for a while before moving out to Renton with a teammate – Salvo, otherwise known as Donald Warf, a decision she occasionally questions but generally is fairly comfortable with. In exchange for a slightly higher rent she now has several rooms, no need to safeguard her stash and even an area for her own magical lodge.

Rubric 'Rube'

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